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People who have successfully graduated from universities and who are not indifferent to scientific achievements enroll in a doctoral program. This is the “forge” of scientific personnel. PhD with the recommendation of the university department enters the doctoral program. The decision on admission is made by the academic council of the university. In order to enroll in a doctoral program, you need to find a subsequent job, for example, at a university or research institute. It is at the place of work (possibly future) that the direction is taken to study in the doctoral program of an employee – Candidate of Science. After the doctoral dissertation is defended and training is completed, the employee is employed under the contract. Usually a doctoral thesis is written for three years. All this time the dissertation has the right to state scholarship.

There is a significant difference between a doctor of science and a candidate – a whole level of scientific qualification. The purpose of the thesis is to solve the actual scientific problem. A graduate student should correctly choose a topic, comment on the problem, and define the tasks. The choice of research methods is also taken into account. Doctoral dissertation is much wider and deeper. It should be relevant economically, culturally and socially. This is a more global paper. The doctoral thesis is seriously prepared, and then defended at the dissertation council. An applicant for a doctoral degree must prove that:

  • produced the development of new theoretical positions, which in general can be considered a new major scientific achievement,
  • solved a major scientific problem of current socio-cultural or economic importance,
  • a presentation of scientifically based technical, economic or technological solutions was made, the use of which would be a huge contribution to the development of the country’s economy and in enhancing defense capability.

All this suggests that a doctoral thesis can be written except in ten years – after all, modern man needs to work. It also requires the publication of scientific articles in certain journals and the publication of a monograph. All this requires a lot of time and great work. Therefore, it is much more profitable to order the writing of a doctoral thesis from professionals. Dissertation research and writing for construction students to order will be carried out by us on the basis of scientific research and customer’s ideas, which we will refine. You can also order a study on a completely new topic.

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