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The degree of candidate of science is the first degree. The scientific degree of the candidate of science is awarded by the dissertation council on the results of the public defense of the dissertation. Obtaining a PhD degree consists of two main stages: the preparation of a thesis and the thesis defense at the dissertation council. The thesis for the degree of the candidate of science is a scientific-qualification paper, in which the applicant, on the basis of their research, has to prove that, a scientist:

  •  solved a task of significant importance for the relevant branch of knowledge
  •  laid out scientifically grounded technical, economic or technological developments that are essential for the economy or for ensuring the country’s defense capability.

One of the requirements for the applicant is the presence of a number of published articles in journals, which reflect the main results of scientific paper. PhD thesis should be written on a relevant topic and have scientific novelty in the relevant field of study. In addition, in a number of specialties in the process of writing a PhD thesis, it is necessary to conduct an experiment (psychology, pedagogy) to obtain experimental data for further processing.

The complexity of formulating such concepts as scientific positions, novelty of research, the need to examine the text of the dissertation, as well as the enormous amount of paper on the analysis of literary sources, including not only previously defended dissertations, but also research papers, as well as foreign sources, predetermines the feasibility of writing a candidate’s dissertation to order by highly qualified specialists.

Dissertation proposal writing services will prepare the master’s thesis to order. The work on the writing of a Ph.D. thesis to order includes the writing of the thesis itself, articles for publication in journals and the abstract.

A PhD thesis on order can be either a continuation or development of a graduation paper or scientific research carried out by the customer in its activities, or it can be a completely new scientific research carried out on a relevant topic. We can offer dissertation proposal writing help in various fields of science that have the necessary relevance and scientific novelty.

When ordering a dissertation to write a dissertation at the first stage, the topic of the dissertation research is specified. If the customer does not have a dissertation topic, then our specialists, in accordance with the direction of scientific research chosen by the customer, will formulate 5-6 topics of the dissertation research on the areas relevant at the time of the order. After agreeing on the topic of the thesis at the request of the customer, a paper concept can be prepared, including the main characteristics of the thesis, including: relevance of the research, goals and objectives of the paper, scientific novelty, scientific provisions, as well as the scientific and practical significance of the dissertation research. After the approval of the concept of scientific research by the customer, the gradual writing of the dissertation text is carried out. Paper is handed over in stages, usually by chapters with the aim of timely making the necessary changes to the text of the thesis in the presence of remarks and customer wishes.

Our specialists provide writing dissertation acknowledgements and services for the accelerated publication of articles by applicants, as well as prepare articles for publication.

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